Sulin "Robinia" Chardonnay 2021


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Alcohol: 12.5%

Grape(s): 100% Chardonnay

Localization: Piedmont, Italy

Tasting Notes: Dry and pleasant, with fruity notes. It is a dry white wine with an important complexity and character.

Notes: Chardonnay Doc is obtained through a special process. After a soft pressing, the grape juice is transferred to a 2500 L wooden barrel made of local Monferrato wood, where it is slowly fermented at a controlled temperature. After fermentation, the wine remains for another three months on the lees to further extract flavours. The wine is generally bottled the following February and aged for several years, keeping its fragrance and pleasantness intact.

The Domain: Brothers Mauro & Fabio Fracchia, 4th generation winemakers, produce unique wines that capture the spirit of Monferrato. In Piedmont dialect, "Sulin" means "sunny" -- describing these hilltop vineyards belonging to the Fracchia family.

Their "Terre d'Aleramo" line is named for the legendary founder of the Monferrato area, the label depicting him atop his horse during the ride that delineated the borders of what is now the best area for values in Piedmont. The Terre d'Aleramo barbera shows the classic Piedmontese varietal in a young, fresh, approachable style -- at an unrivaled value.

In the very heart of the Monferrato region, a land steeped in ancient civilization, history, and beauty, wherefrom every hill you can admire enchanting landscapes and unrivaled natural views, the Fracchia Family has been working in the winemaking sector since Adriano Fracchia founded the business in 1919. The farm has now reached the fourth generation, keeping the same basic values and approach to winemaking unaltered. Brothers Mauro and Fabio are in charge, using minimal intervention winemaking to create wines that are both playful and of tremendous value while maintaining a deep respect for the history of the land and wine culture of Piedmont.
In the dialect of their region, Sulin means sunny and the vineyards of the Fracchia Family certainly deserve this appellation, thanks to their southward location, on hilltops or along rounded hills, fully exposed to the heat of the sun.  Aleramo, the namesake of this 100% Barbera, was the first Marquess of Montferrat and Liguria in Northern Italy until his death in 991 AD.  A classic wine at an extraordinary price!