Hand-selected, wide-ranging, affordable; we offer our clients the BEST values in wine from around the world.

Arrowine prides itself on a high level of personal service and an extensive selection of the world’s best wines at the best possible prices. We don’t follow trends, and we don’t buy on hype.

In fact, you’ll find many new-to-you labels on Arrowine’s shelves along with some of the best-known and revered names in fine wine. We go to great lengths to ensure our selection is unique and features only the best of the best: owner Doug Rosen visits growers, tastes their wines, and makes his own selections.

We look for wines that are precise, focused, and terroir-driven, from growers who hand-harvest, use indigenous yeasts for fermentation, and are judicious in their use of oak.

Many wine retailers claim to offer “fine wine”, but what they mean is “fine wine at a price”. From our best-value “everyday” wines to the rarest, most sought-after, best-of-the-best high-end selections, at Arrowine when we say “fine wine” we mean it.


At Arrowine, you’ll find a wide-ranging selection of the best cheeses and charcuterie available, from domestic and international producers alike.

We have no corporate mandates or obligations to meet with our stock; only to seek out the finest products and offer them to our clients at the best pricing possible.

These hand-selected items are constantly maintained and presented by our team of knowledgeable mongers, who are always eager to answer your questions and cut samples of anything you want to try. We also cut your cheese/charcuterie to order, ensuring you the freshest possible product to take home.

From picking out the perfect before/after dinner snack to putting together platters that will be the talk of your special occasion, Arrowine’s deli department is happy to help, and will come through with the best of the best.


“Many shops tweet about new beer arrivals, but few shops do so like Arrowine…works hard to have an interesting, balanced collection of new and local beers…” --The Washington Post

There are thousands of breweries in the U.S. alone and new arrivals every week. Arrowine’s beer department is committed to carrying beers of the highest quality and consistency, whether they’re among the most traditional in style or on the cutting edge.

We take all measures to keep our beer as fresh as possible for our clients and offer all of our beers at more than competitive prices.

From the newest “get it before it’s gone” releases to Old World classics, Arrowine’s beer department strives to offer the best of the best, featuring new arrivals and tastings with our knowledgeable staff or special guests every Friday and Saturday.