Sulin Casorzo DOC Voulet 2022


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Alcohol: 5%

Grape(s): Casorzo Malvasia. It is an autochthonous vine grown only in Casorzo and, some, in the nearby towns.

Localization: Piedmont, Italy

Tasting Notes: Ruby red toward cherry red in color. Scented, fruity, and floral aroma where the rose dominates. On the palate, sweet, fresh, delicate. It keeps unchanged the typical flavor of the newly squeezed must.

Notes: Wine made at a controlled temperature in refrigerated steel basins, it is kept with the skin only for one, two days. Racked off, it is put in autoclave at a temperature of 0° C.

Food Pairing: Pastry and, in general, desserts. It is great with fruit salads, in particular with peaches instead of sugar or with cream ice-creams. It is particularly indicated as part of aperitifs.

The Domain: In the very heart of the Monferrato subregion of Piedmont, south of the Po River and down along the Ligurian Apennines, where from every hill you can admire enchanting landscape and unrivalled natural views, the Fracchia Family has been working in the winemaking sector since Adriano Fracchia founded the business in 1919.

Fourth generation Mauro and Fabio Fracchia began a new family project, the Sulin Farm, which focuses on the growing and enhancement of their vineyards. After studying improvements in vine clone selection and modern cultivation techniques, Muaro and brother Fabio, and their father Adriano, started gradually pulling out old vines in 1997. They replanted based on modern vine growing criteria and expanded their production capacity by acquiring new plots of land. They continue to make improvements in their vineyards which are each named after people they love.

In the dialect of their region, “Sulin” means “sunny,” which was aptly named because the vineyards of the Fracchia Family face southward, on hilltops or along rounded hills, fully exposed to the heat of the sun. The region, along with Langhe and Roero, are considered a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the undeniable beauty of the landscape.

The Sulin soil is calcareous and therefore particularly suitable to wine growing, infusing grapes with a sturdy and characteristic ripening. While the winery is based in Monferrato, the Fracchia family also grows Malvasia in nearby Casorzo for their Casorzo ‘Voulet’.