Sineann "Abondante" Red Blend 2019


Only 3 left!

With this wine we honor a few things. Abondante is Italian for “generous”, generosity being something we try to build into all our wines. It also honors our “A” team of workers, wine lovers all, who help make this stuff happen in the winery. Finally, it honors our good friend, Dante, man of many talents, who is our chef through the harvest season and keeps us very well fed.

The wine is a blend of grapes grown in the Columbia Valley. There is Merlot from the Hillside Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon from the Phinny Hill Vineyard, Zinfandel from a couple of Lonnie Wright’s vineyards, and a pinch of Cabernet Franc.

All the fruit from the Columbia Valley was very good in 2019. And abundant. They say a rising tide lifts all boats and that is certainly true of the 2019 Abondante.

It comprises some very good sources and is one of the best values we put out.

Cabernet Sauvignon 11%, Zinfandel 46%, Cabernet Franc 4%, Merlot 39%

14.8% ABV