Gilles Lesimple Sancerre 2022


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Alcohol: 14,5%

Grape(s): Sauvignon Blanc

Localization: Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

Tasting notes: The most typical aromas are nuances of citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon), exotic fruits (mango and lychee), floral notes (white flowers and shrub broom), greener notes (blackcurrant leaf, asparagus), spices (licorice), and mineral (smoky, flint).

The initial attack is lemony. It wakes up the taste buds, allowing the perception of spiciness on the tip of the tongue. The second impression shows the suppleness and volume of the wines from the ‘stony’ vineyards, blending nicely with the mineral vivacity of the wines from the flint soils. The white wines can generally be kept for between 3 and 4 years.

The Domain: Gilles Lesimple is the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers.

Based in the well-known village of Chavignol (a commune in Sancerre), he has been a winegrower since 1997. After having trained in a stellar American winery, he took over the reins of the family Domaine, where he farms 10 hectares, of which 85% are Sauvignon Blanc. After several years of working with local wine merchants, he decided to start producing his own bottles of Sancerre, which is indeed fortunate for lovers of this nectar.

Gilles Lesimple farms his vines with minimum intervention, to ensure maximum respect for the environment. Some plots are left with grass between the rows to help prevent erosion, but also to give the vines some competition, which helps improve the quality of the grapes. His land is situated in the communes of Sancerre, Verdigny, Saint Satur, and Sury en Vaux for his Sauvignon, and he also has some Pinot in the first three. Well located, facing South and South West, they are planted on three principal types of terroir (which is an advantage for the Domaine). The Limestone of Sancerre, the flint of Saint Satur, and the ‘Terres Blanches’ (white earth) of Verdigny or Sury en Vaux. The harvest is done mechanically and lasts about two weeks.