Salvatore Martusciello OttoUve Gragnano 2020


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Alcohol : 11,5%

Grape (s) : Piedirosso, Aglianico, Sciascinoso, Suppezza, Castagnara, Olivella, Sauca, Surbegna

Localisation : Campania, Italy

Tasting Notes : On the palate, you'll notice cherry and strawberry flavours followed by crisp lemon zest notes and a dry finish. With its fruitiness and noticeable contrasting acidity, this wine is incredibly easy to drink.

Pairing food :  BBQ food, cured meat, venison, and fruity and creamy desserts.

The Ottouve Gragnano DOC is a spectacular red sparkling wine that can easily rival the best of Lambruscos. Deep ruby red in colour, the Ottouve has a bouquet of raspberry and lemon.

 The name OTTOUVE is a tribute to the many indigenous grape varieties that historically and partly still contribute to the production of Gragnano: piedirosso, aglianico, sciascinoso, suppezza, castagnara, olivella, sauca, surbegna.

This unique and ancient wine is made from a blend of eight grapes from the Sorrento area, which gives the wine its name - Ottouve (eight grapes).