Salvatore Martusciello OttoUve Gragnano 2022


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Alcohol : 11,5%

Grape (s) : Piedirosso, Aglianico, Sciascinoso, Suppezza, Castagnara, Olivella, Sauca, Surbegna

Localisation : Campania, Italy

Tasting Notes: The Ottouve Gragnano DOC is a spectacular red sparkling wine that can easily rival the best of Lambruscos. Deep ruby red in colour, the Ottouve has a bouquet of raspberry and lemon. On the palate, you'll notice cherry and strawberry flavours followed by crisp lemon zest notes and a dry finish. With its fruitiness and noticeable contrasting acidity, this wine is incredibly easy to drink.

Food Pairing:  BBQ food, cured meat, venison, and fruity and creamy desserts.

Notes: The name OTTOUVE is a tribute to the many indigenous grape varieties that historically and partly still contribute to the production of Gragnano: piedirosso, aglianico, sciascinoso, suppezza, castagnara, olivella, sauca, surbegna.

This unique and ancient wine is made from a blend of eight grapes from the Sorrento area, which gives the wine its name - Ottouve (eight grapes).

The Domain: Gragnano is by far the red wine of Naples, celebrated in various poems, folk songs and many iconic movies!
The most famous one is the 1954 comedy “Miseria e Nobiltà” (Misery and Nobility) starring “Totò” who stated:
“ non è Gragnano, desisti!” (…”if ain’t Gragnano, give it up”!).
Martusciello Family was the one that in the early ‘60s encoded this wine, setting the rules for the production, defining the allowed grape varieties and defining the limit of the area of production. Basically, establishing the appellation of Gragnano della Penisola Sorrentina DOC.
We can say that the Martusciello family is the “mother of the Gragnano” appellation. Up today, Martusciello is considered the best Gragnano available in Naples and can be found in the most famous Neapolitan Pizzeria both in Italy and abroad. Salvatore Martusciello is the only producer of Gragnano that still uses all the 8 native varieties listed in the DOC, that is why he called his wine OTTO-UVE or the EIGHT-GRAPES.
Those eight grapes represent the most ancient flavors of the Sorrento Peninsula and Salvatore mission is to keep them alive pursuing a very long and almost forgotten tradition.