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A cheese inspired by nature and the legendary traditions of Central Switzerland. "Fluehblüemli / Swiss Rockflower" (Primula auricula) are yellow alpine flowers that grow and find their way under humble conditions among craggy limestone rocks. Found on the slopes of Mountain Dairy Kleinstein’s “home mountain” Pilatus massif. The label recalls the legend of the "Wildmannen" who once lived here in caves. Some of them tended to chamois which are the alpine cousin of many goat species. Back then, the chamois fed on these alpine flowers and from their milk they made cheese. When the weather allowed it, the ‘Wildmannen’ went down to the valley to help the farmers with their work. In return, they were rewarded with food and cow’s milk. Thus, they were also able to process this cow's milk into the cheese. After 4 months of aging and care in the Kleinstein mountain dairy in Central Switzerland, the cheeses arrive in Reichenbach in the Kander Valley for the Affinage in the Mountain. The warehouse is located at the foot of the Blüemlisalp, the imposing mountain massif in the Bernese Oberland. The "Fluehblümli" cheeses are matured, cared for and aged there, under perfect climatic conditions, by our cave master and his team for at least 10 months.

Unpasteurized Cow Milk

Entlebuch, Switzerland