Quinta da Calçada "Lago Cerqueira" Vinho Verde 2023

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Alcohol: 10%

Grape(s): Loureiro, Arinto, Azal, and Trajadura

Localization: DOC Vinho Verde, Portugal

Tasting Notes: Lago White has a light straw color, with a light effervescence that favors the release of its tropical and citric aroma with slight floral nuances that reflect the terroir of the region. It reveals a great freshness on the mouth, with a vivid crispness resulting in a very pleasant and versatile wine. Perfect alone as an aperitif or with light and fresh entrances. 

Food pairing: Ideal to match with sushi, pasta, pizza, fish, seafood and also Asiatic dishes in general.

The Domain: Quinta da Calçada is full of stories and accumulated experience in the production of wine and sparkling wine, in a vibrant region, which captivates the senses.

Quinta da Calçada cellars were founded in 1917 in a XVI century palatial building that played a historic role in Amarante region and whose influence even extends to Portugal.

Wines have been produced at Quinta da Calçada since 1917. The origins belong to António do Lago Cerqueira, a republican, winemaker, diplomat and founder of the Quinta da Calçada cellars.

After returning from exile in France where he studied winemaking at the Institut National Agronomique António do Lago Cerqueira brought with him innovative techniques that still mark the history of Quinta da Calçada and the region today. António do Lago Cerqueira presents himself as anything but traditional: he establishes new high-density vineyard configurations and was also a pioneer in sparkling wine using the champenoise method. Inspired by Cognac pratices he begins the production of wine spirits aged in casks. Using his vision and pratice as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal he greatly boosts the wine business having even been one of the first to export wine within the region.

Vinho Verde region had been an officially demarcated region since 1908. This recognition marked the birth of Vinho Verde's identity as a product with its own personality and style.

Amarante has always been a major hub for agricultural production and wine production was not far behind: it was one of the first five sub-regions of the controlled designation of origin along with Monção, Lima, Basto and Braga.

The remarkable extension of vineyards - more than 50ha with varying ages that extend until the beggining of the XX century - allows us to interpret the different terroirs. This collection includes a small plot that fills us with pride, a legacy of the rich history of Quinta da Calçada. We are talking about a plot of vineyard that is certified as the oldest in the Vinho Verde region - 0,5ha of extreme vineyard positioned on a single terrace.

Quinta da Calçada is one of the oldest producers in the Vinho Verde region focused in producing white, rosé and sparkling wines of recognized quality.