Prosciutto di Parma Red Label 17 month *HALF POUND


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This is the classic Galloni Prosciutto. It stands out for its extraordinary structure where the tenderness of its intensely white fat plays in perfect balance with the lean part. Its long stay in their cellars leads to the typical mildness of this excellent prosciutto.

Their prosciutto begins with the best, heaviest pigs that enable long maturation with minimum amounts of salt. The sea salting process is their competitive advantage. Galloni’s Salting Masters still do it by hand, and this makes every haunch different in a perfect balance of flavors. Maturation, which is longer than the standard provides for, takes place in cellars that feature mostly natural ventilation to give Prosciutto a rich and delicate flavor.

This family business is based in Langhirano, known all over the world as the “Little Prosciutto Capital.” Langhirano has a unique climate. From the neighboring Liguria region, the mild Marino sea wind crosses the Apennines and reaches this area creating this unique climate.