Fresh Potato Gnocchi - Mamma Emma


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Our potato gnocchi are just like those homemade.

Mamma emma potato gnocchi are prepared with top quality ingredients, in a production cycle that uses only fresh and natural raw materials to enhance the artisanal quality of the final product.

Only fresh potatoes steamed with the peel, type “0” soft wheat flour, eggs and salt

They have the same taste as the homemade potato gnocchi made by our mothers, those passed one by one on the grater. Mamma emma gnocchi preserve the unmistakable softness of homemade gnocchi, capable of exalting any recipe.

The ingredients of our potato gnocchi are: 72% steamed potatoes, type “0” wheat flour, eggs, salt, sunflower oil.

The Mamma Emma potato gnocchi are perfectly sautéed and ready in 3 minutes.

A healthy product made with simple ingredients of first quality, without additives or preservatives, ideal for feeding your children.

Easy Preparation: Mamma emma's potato gnocchi are ready in the pan in 3 minutes with the addition of 100 ml of water per pack and your favourite sauce. Ideal for those who love traditional foods, our potato gnocchi can be combined with any type of sauce.

Size: 400 grams