Pommery Raspberry White Wine Vinegar Stone Bottle


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Pommery raspberry vinegar is a fresh take on a classic French condiment, prepared by slowly fermenting and aging high-quality French white alcohol vinegar in oak barrels and elevating it with the addition of raspberry syrup. It comes to you in a traditional stoneware bottle and carries bold, well-balanced, pleasantly sweet yet tart flavors.

Established by J.B. Pommery in 1760 and Located in Meaux, a cathedral town 60km west of Paris, Pommery is a brand full of history and traditional know-how. On top of preserving the authentic recipes of mustard from Meaux, they also focus on crafting some of the most flavorful vinegar available today. In addition to incredible quality, Pommery offers all of its customers a chance of getting acquainted with unique flavors of Meaux, being the only remaining brand still making their mustards and vinegars according to the traditional recipes.