Paul D. ROSÉ 2023 (1.0L)


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): Zweigelt

Localization: Wagram, Austria

Tasting notes: Light salmon-red color, vitalizing fresh fruit strawberries, and raspberries, crisp clean dry finish

Food pairing: Ideal with vegetables, Sashimi, Asian noodles, and fish dishes

Winemaker story: Young wine-maker Paul D. likes nature: ”nature is life. It is interesting what grows within one year, bears fruit, and dies away.” As one of eight grandchildren of the Direder family in Kirchberg am Wagram (Austria, 50 km west of Vienna), he adopted his passion for wine from his grandfather. Paul D. grows with his responsibility – while his grandfather Leopold Direder stands by the side of his 1989-born grandson with knowledge and competence.

Wagram Region: The wine-growing region of Wagram received its new name in 2007, previously being known as Donauland. The name Wagram comes from "Wogenrain" meaning "shore". The vines are planted in two distinct zones; to the north and to the south of the Danube. The extensive geological features coupled with consistent weather and climatic patterns offer the prerequisites for producing full-bodied wines rich in aroma and flavor with textbook terroir attributes. The deep layers of loess, that were deposited on the shores of the receding primordial ocean shape the landscape and give the wine its unmistakable character. The growing conditions are ideal for the country's iconic Gruner Veltliner, which produces rich and full-bodied white wines with a characteristic creamy texture.

Paul D. Rosé is a 1-liter bottle.