Ovum Big Salt 2020


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Big Salt is a white wine that embodies a day at the beach. It's bright, fresh, dry and a bit salty (although no salt is added of course!) - once it's done you're left wanting more. We achieve this experience by letting mother nature create complexity - that is to say we allow all of the grapes to ferment together, with native yeast..rather than making a blend in the laboratory. Finding the right vineyards throughout Oregon that share the same cool climate is what it's all about.

Big Salt is a co-fermentation rather than a blend – meaning we allow mother nature to create complexity rather than attempting to blend the wine after the fact.  Starting in mid Sept, we pick Gewurz that is then soaked on the skins then pressed to tank.  As that juice begins to ferment, we incorporate Early Muscat, followed by Riesling, then an additional pick of Gewurz, followed by Pinot Blanc and Riesling.  Big Salt is the culmination of the myriad of climates Oregon vineyards have to offer in each vintage.

2020 Big Salt is wildly aromatic, laced with Gewurz and Muscat overtones, but framed by citrusy Riesling.  Salty bergamot, lemon, nectarine and white tea– exotic fruits fill out the nose.  The palate is filled with the texture of Gewurz, herbal hints from Pinot Blanc, but quickly washed back with classic Riesling acidity.  2020 Big Salt pairs well with fish tacos, pesto chicken pasta, pad thai…or just chilling.
Cellar: 3-8 years of optimal drinking.

Native fermentation (co-fermented) in stainless steel.
Harvest - September 18th - October 17th.
12.5% ABV. - 3.3pH - SO2 - 24ppm
45% Riesling - 40% Gewurz - 14% Early Muscat - 1% others...
Unfined and Filtered (we have to filter Big Salt because it doesn't naturally go through ML)