Netzl Chardonnay Carnuntum 2019


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Alcohol: 13%

Grape(s): Chardonnay

Localization: Carnuntum, Austria

Tasting notes:  A blend of two vineyards, which benefit from the cool winds off the Danube especially during the hot summer nights, gives this Chardonnay its perfect harmony. Beautiful tropical fruit aromas are balanced by great acidity built on good minerality. Juicy fruit and some spice on the nose, yellow apples and melons, and some hay along with good acidity give this wine the fresh animating finish.

Wine Region Carnuntum: Years of tradition characterize the wine-growing area of Carnuntum. After the Celts, this region experienced a glorious epoch under the Romans. The Heidentor, the symbol of our wine-growing region in Carnuntum, is just one of the awesome excavations you can visit in the Carnuntum Archaeology Park.

Carnuntum Climate: Characterized by warm and dry late summer and fall season, but cold nights. Especially the regular lively winds are typical in the Carnuntum region between lake Neusiedl and river Danube

Pannonian Lowland & lake Neusiedl: In the Southeast brings constantly warm late summers. The chain of hills is sickle-shaped and warmed up by the sun from the early morning until the late evening. Therefore we can harvest perfectly ripe grapes with intense fruit and silky aromas.

River Danube: In the North brings cool winds especially during the nights and therefore spice and freshness to our wines.

Soil: Reaches from very nutritious loess to poor and dry gravel – these differences are taken into consideration during the planting. Accordingly our spicy and fruity white wines grow on the poor gravel and our powerful and rich reds on the nutritious soils.

Organic Cultivation: Our philosophy is to work in unison with nature and the weather; we are obliged to preserve the health and the reserves of our soil for future generations. Therefore, we started to change to organic cultivation in the vineyards 6 years ago. It was a soft change and with vintage 2018 we started the certification process to get a certified organic winery.