Mountain Gorgonzola "Piccante" DOP - Formaggi Ciresa


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Gorgonzola PDO "Piccante" is a raw-paste cheese produced with unskimmed cow’s milk.
With stronger aromas and flavors, Gorgonzola PDO "Piccante" is more aged than Gorgonzola PDO "Dolce" and, as a result, is firmer, crumblier and more piquant. It is characterized by dark blue veins, called “erborinatura”. These veins are caused by the action of natural molds, which develop during the ripening of the product (80 days).

Ciresa Gorgonzola PDO "Piccante" has a firm paste and a rough rind. It differs from Gorgonzola PDO "Dolce" for its stronger aroma and an intense, sharp and spicy flavor.

Raw Cows Milk - Product of Italy