Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Point Five Pinot Noir (Non Alcoholic)


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Alcohol: 0%

Grape(s): Pinot Noir

Localization: Rüdesheim, Germany

Tasting Notes: The new ZERO-POINT-FIVE Pinot Noir offers a very appealing, vinous, clean, fresh character. Fruity notes of red currants and cherries are surrounded by a nicely embedded tannin structure and an almost dry finish. Of course, an alcohol-free wine will never have the same depth, structure and mouthfeel as a wine with alcohol, but the ZP5 comes extremely close and tastes impressive! This can pair well with roasts or games; it's a nice option with grilled fish or lamb biryani. Enjoy the newest addition, slightly chilled and in a large glass.

The Domain: One of the top wineries in Germany, Leitz makes their non-alcoholic wines from the same grapes that go into their alcoholic ones. After fermentation, the wines are gently de-alcoholized so that they maintain their delicate aroma and authentic flavor profile.