Le Guérandais Coarse Grey Sea Salt from Guérande (750g Linen Bag)


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Sel De Guerande: For centuries the marshes of Guérande has been harvesting salt in the same way. What’s the formula? In the light of the late afternoon sun, if the weather permits, men can be seen harvesting salt with rakes and by hand.

Every summer the 200 salt workers who make up Les Salines de Guérande, a salt producer’s cooperative, gather to defend their salt against property developers and industrialization. They pool their harvest. The cooperative is brought together by common values and are a driven, proud group of people.

Coarse Grey Sea Salt from Guérande: Coarse grey sea salt, much like fine grey sea salt, is harvested by hand in the traditional methods. The salt is naturally grey when unrefined and free of additives. A rich source of calcium, iron and magnesium, coarse salt is the perfect addition to any traditional family recipe.

750g (26.5 oz)

This traditional Sea Salt is naturally grey and guaranteed unrefined and additive-free. This Sea Salt is rich in magnesium and trace elements, making the flavor perfect for cooking. Use this Grey Sea Salt when cooking pasta, vegetables, and meat. Try giving your fish a salt crust or add to your stocks!