Le Fraghe Bardolino Chiaretto Rodon Rosé 2020


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): Corvina, Rondinella

Localization: Veneto, Italy

Tasting Notes: Cherry red with rich purple highlights, Rodòn boasts a complex mosaic of well-defined, very fragrant aromas. Seductive notes of wild rose are the first to emerge, followed by nuances of wild strawberry and redcurrant that linger and complete an elegant bouquet. The palate displays an emphatic crispness and full body, the happy result of a perfect balance between ultra-savoury flavours and a tasty minerality, characteristics that are classic to this terroir, and excellent supporting tannins and acidity. The finish is notably lengthy, and nicely mirrors the aromas offered by the nose.

Notes: The two grape varieties, Corvina and Rondinella, are vinified separately. They are given a cool-temperature, 6-8 hour maceration on the skins, which extracts just enough colour to give a lively, medium-bodied hue to the juice. The must then ferments at a cool 17°C. The finished wine matures on the fine lees in 50hl stainless steel tanks until the following spring, when it is bottled.

Food Pairing: Ròdon can be enjoyed throughout the meal, in particular with antipasti, light and delicately-flavoured meats, a wide range of fish soups, eggs, and young cheeses.

The Domain: As a young girl, Matilde Poggi, grew up around winemaking and hearing her parents talk about it. During October, she would go straight from school to the vineyards to help with the harvest. Her first harvest was in 1984, prior to that, the grapes were sold to another winery. Matilde is passionate about the surrounding terroir of valleys, rivers, winds from the north, and the mountainous areas that makes her wines uniquely their own. Her 3 daughters now help her run the winery. They have been certified organic since 2009.