Le Chocolat des Francais Milk Chocolate and Hazelnuts Bar "Dancing Dogs" (Chocolate Maker)


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This Le chocolat des Français mini bar contains 1.06oz of milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Made in France from 100% natural ingredients, this Le Chocolat des Français mini chocolate bar is produced using traditional chocolate-making techniques, resulting in authentic taste and exceptional flavors. The bars in this series feature wrappers designed by illustrators from around the world who are united in their love of chocolate.

Ingredients: Organic milk chocolate with bursts of hazelnuts. Cocoa 41% min. Ingredients: Cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass,  hazelnuts (6%).

Size: 30 grams
Made in France

It’s near Avignon that our delightful organic chocolate bars are handcrafted and made. After touring all around France, we have found the best artisan with who we now closely collaborate to develop our recipes. Because it’s a family business, this expert has inherited his specific know-how, which is transmitted from one generation to the next.