La Panzanella Artisan Croccantini


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It began more than two decades ago at the La Panzanella Bakery & Deli, a bustling neighborhood café in Seattle. There, we first baked our crackers following the Italian tradition of using fresh local ingredients.  We named them Croccantini, which means “crunchy little bite” in Italian.

Original - A favorite of chefs and other food lovers, Original Croccantini create a perfect complement to flavorful cheeses, tapenades and charcuterie. With just a touch of coarse sea salt, these crisp, light crackers enhance any accompaniment.

Multigrain - Boosted with deep and rich nuts and grains. 

Rosemary - With their fragrant aroma, Rosemary Croccantini arouse memories of kitchen herb gardens and rustic Italian baking.  With the heady flavor of rosemary and a hint of sea salt they are tasty enough to eat alone, or pair with rich cheeses, hummus or dry salami.

Gluten-Free - Hand-crafted with only simple, wholesome and Certified Gluten-Free ingredients, our Oat Thins are created with your family’s snacking needs in mind.