La Maison Ferre Pommeau de Normandie AOC "D'Oscar"


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Grégoire Ferré, passionate about arboriculture and cider processing since his youth, first worked with his parents, dairy farmers in Mauves-sur-Huisne in the Perche, who had diversified in 1980 by planting the first orchards of cider apples.

At the end of the 2000s, barely in his thirties, Grégoire Ferré decided to give full development to the Perche cider industry and decided to found the brand La Maison Ferré and to settle in Comblot in a typical Perche de 20 hectares.

Elaboration: Pommeau is a mix of at least one year old Calvados and apple must. The apple must is obtained just after pressing and before fermentation. Calvados and must are mixed with a specific pouring technique. Proportion of Calvados and must are calculated to obtain a product with a final alcohol by volume of 17%.