La Formica Soave DOC 2020


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Alcohol : 12,5%

Grape(s) : Garganega

Localisation : Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy

Tasting Notes: The wine is strong flowery and fruity to the nose: hawthorn and jasmine fragrance and then a growing scent of apricot and peach, with marked exotic notes. Fresh tasting, it shows a pronounced minerality and a good flavor. Crispness and freshness make this wine particularly indicated as an aperitif.

The Domain : The farm consists of 32 hectares (26 of them being vineyards), located in the Val d’Illasi in the farthest area east to Valpolicella at an altitude between 240 and 380 metres above sea level. In the same valley in Cellore, surrounded by 7 vineyards with traditional pergola cultivation, the corporate headquarters is situated. The local terrain is characterized by the presence of a gravelly underlayer which allows high drainage and a superficial mix of gravelly outcrops and alluvial silty soils (of about 0.5 meters). The grapes have an early maturation process, giving the wine intense fruity notes.

Another 6 vineyards are situated on the east side of Monte Le Guaite, at an average altitude of about 300 meters. The 25%-30% sloping of the land allows excellent exposure to the sun with good temperature changes. The terrain has a slight superficial silty clay layer (0.3-0.4 meters), called ‘biancone’, which is a deep calcareous rocky formation. The vine roots go through the openings of the rocky layer and get the water needed to overcome summer drought. The cultivation technique is the guyot, perfectly suitable for the slope and exposure of the hill. The wines produced have a wonderfully fresh and sapid bouquet with robust tannins.

The last 13 vineyards are in an area between the two above mentioned, in a basin at the foot of the hills and surround a two-century-old farmhouse courtyard, called Pagnaghe.

In this area, the terrain is similar to the hilly one with a higher presence of a few-meter deep silty clay layer before the rocky underlayer. The techniques of cultivation are both the guyot and the pergola.