Krug Brut Rosé NV (27th Edition)


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Alcohol: 12.5%

Grape(s): 57% Pinot Noir, 23% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Meunier

Localization: Reims, Champagne, France

Tasting Notes: At first sight, its subtle pale pink color holds a promise of elegance. On the nose, aromas of rose hips, cured ham, mulberries, redcurrant, peony, pepper and pink grapefruit. On the palate, delicate flavors of honey, citrus, and dried fruit with a long finish, enhanced by its fine bubbles complete the experience.

98 Points James Suckling: Aromas of bread dough and watermelon with peaches on the nose. Some dried fruits. Full-bodied with phenolic tannins, like a fine pinot noir. The finish is very Burgundian with rose hip tea and dried lemons and kumquats. Crunchy. Delicious finish.

Notes: To craft the final creation, plots’ wines of the year were blended with selected plots’ reserve wines from 8 other years. In all, reserve wines from the House’s extensive library made up 55% of the final blend.

Food Pairing: Unexpectedly, Krug Rosé best accompanies very savory dishes such as foie gras, lamb, game, white meat, or venison. This Rosé is not recommended for desserts unless they are not sweet at all.

The Domain: Krug has always lived up to its reputation as the first and only Champagne House to create exclusively prestige Champagnes every year since its foundation.

The House was established in Reims in 1843, by Joseph Krug, a visionary non-conformist with an uncompromising philosophy. Having understood that the true essence of Champagne is pleasure itself, his dream was to craft the very best Champagne he could offer, every single year, regardless of annual variations in climate. Paying close attention to the vineyard’s character, respecting the individuality of each plot and its wine, as well as building an extensive library of reserve wines from many different years allowed Joseph Krug to fulfil his dream.

With a very original approach to Champagne making, he decided to go beyond the notion of vintage to create the most generous expression of Champagne, every year. Thus, he founded a House in which all Champagnes are of the same level of distinction.

Six generations of the Krug family have perpetuated this dream, enriching the founder’s vision and savoir faire.

Further elaborating on the notion of individuality, for Krug’s Cellar Master Julie Cavil, each plot of grapes, through its wine, is like a single ingredient to a chef: carefully selected, and critical to the final composition. Each year, Krug honors this philosophy by inviting chefs from around the world to interpret a single ingredient, crafting unexpected recipes to pair with a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée or Krug Rosé. This year’s ingredient is the Onion.

The unspoken onion is a key component of almost every fundamental recipe from stocks, sauces and stews to baked goods and roasts. Its multifaceted expressions beautifully marry both the fullness of flavors and aromas of Krug Grande Cuvée the elegance and boldness of Krug Rosé.