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“Jùscht” originates from the French word for correct, ‘Juste’ and from the Latin word ‘Justus’, which means “the Just”. A term used mainly in a small German speaking area of the Canton of Fribourg and comes from the Sensler dialect. For this reason a good person in this district is designated “Jùscht”...the term is also used for a thing that is “simply a good one.” 

Jùscht is a full fat smear ripened cheese. It is made by Urs Leuenberger who also makes Le Gruyère AOP at his Dairy Vorderfultigen in the area where Fribourg meets the canton of Bern. The specialty is released from the dairy at 30 days before being transferred to Gourmino’s mountain cave in Reichenbach. Here the affineurs treat the “Jùscht” wheels two times a week for an additional 4-6 weeks. The natural climate in the mountain is perfect for the affinage of Jùscht. In spite of the cheeses’ relative youth, “Jùscht” is a very rich cheese made to remain tasting fresh and creamy.


Raw Cows Milk / Animal Rennet / Switzerland