Jose Gourmet Spiced Small Mackerel in Olive Oil


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Hot damn! These little fellas pack a punch. The bold texture and natural oils stand up to Piri-Piri pepper with bravado…fragrant and fabulous.

Go ahead, and take a spin, the spice is right. Paired with beans and bay leaf or toast and tomato—plus a dash of lemon—flavors are finely balanced. This lively fish is a game-changer for any aperitivo.

Mackerels help train your brain; they are chock full of omega-3 fatty acids that boost brain development and lessen the risk of depression. Cheers!

Pairing: white wines, e.g. albariño, ciders, witbiers, tequila cocktails, e.g. tequila collins, Italian amari
Serving: prepare a black-eyed pea salad with fresh onion and parsley; top toasted crostini; pair with sliced avocado
Region: Portugal