Jose Gourmet - Spiced Tuna Pate


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Turn up the heat. Piri-piri pepper adds lively spice to traditional tuna pâté. Mouthwatering and peppy—flavors, aroma, and texture are bright and balanced.

This hot pâté has rockstar moxie…a tastefully tuned blend is music for the palate. Tuna has been center stage for millennia; worthy of Hall of Fame status. Historians say tuna has been fished in the Mediterranean for at least 2,000 years. Plus, this fish is big time—they can grow ten feet long and weigh up to one ton.

Pairing: white wines, e.g. verdejo, citrus IPAs, tequila cocktails, e.g. margarita, port

Serving: scoop up with tortilla chips; add to garbanzo bean salad; serve with sliced cucumbers, cilantro, and olive oil

Region: Portugal

Ingredients: tuna, olive oil, tomato, spices (vinegar, red peppers, piri-piri), salt