Jose Gourmet Smoked Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Smokin’ hot…seductive (not spicy), salty, and briny. A naturally smoked flavor, firm texture, smooth character, and tasty oil are finessed in this dynamite conserva.

Spark fireworks and celebrate or kindle firewood and relax—these smoky, shimmery fish are a welcome companion for any ambience. Smoked fish has been savored throughout history…and improved with time. Our classy conserva is venerable validation.

Chew with enthusiasm. Overflowing with omega-3s, sardines are good for your heart, immune system, and brain.

Pairing: white wines, chardonnay, red wines, tinto Duoro, ciders, Scotch cocktails, e.g. Rob Roy, Licor de Ginga
Serving: enjoy on rye crackers with whole grain mustard; sauté with mixed vegetables; toss in a fresh green salad
Region: Portugal