Jose Gourmet - Sardine Pate


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Creamy, mild, polished…go with the flow. Sleek and shimmering sardines (oily by nature) make this pâté buttery soft, silky smooth, and rich in nutrients.

This super versatile fish is a treasure for the table. Mild flavors favorably blend with a variety of dishes. Aye aye, Captain!

Made from Atlantic and Mediterranean sardines, this pâté is all about happiness—for you and your baguette. Mix sardine pâté with diced onion and garlic, grated carrots, raw sheep cheese, and chopped parsley…and relish a mouthful of joyous, aromatic pleasure.

Pairing: white sangría, red wines, e.g. tinto Duoro, kölsch ales, vodka cocktails, e.g. vodka collins, rosé port

Serving: butter up a baguette, garnish with fresh parsley; serve with pickled vegetables; top a herbed frittata

Region: Portugal

Ingredients: sardine, olive oil, tomato, spices (vinegar, white peppers), salt