Jcoco Chocolate Single Varietal Contamana Cacao *Mini Size*


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Our darkest bar yet! Expertly crafted from 100% origin Contamana cacao beans sourced from the Cusco valley of Peru, the ancestral home of cacao, this mouthwatering bar will change perceptions of dark chocolate. Rich, aromatic cacao gives way to notes of strawberries and plum, with creamy dark cacao lending a slight citrus acidity on the back palate.

Quillabamba valley is in the beautiful Cusco region, near famed Machu Picchu, and is known for its unique fine aroma of cacao trees. The beans are fermented for 6 days and dried for 5 days with a low roast to retain much of the cacao's natural fruit flavor and acidity. The bar is low in sugar and high in antioxidants, heart-healthy cocoa butter fat, and rich, robust flavor. 

Made in the United States of America