Imperatori Cesanese Flo 2022

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Alcohol: 14.5%

Grape(s): 100% Cesanese di Affile 

Localization: Lazio, Italy

Tasting Notes: Very intense ruby ​​red, with intense notes of wild red berries, with hints reminiscent of a flowery bouquet of violets and white iris. Pleasant and elegant structure, young but well-smoothed, and juicy tannic tones

Notes: Cesanese is a vine of very ancient and mysterious origins which was bred in the Roman countryside as early as the 8th century BC. It has always been considered a "generous" variety, for this reason our winemakers cultivate it with dedication and respect. For the ancients, Cesanese wine was an ideal companion for convivial occasions and for propitiatory toasts. We want to make it known for its fruity notes and extreme pleasantness to drink.

The Domain: The company is located in an area south of Rome, with a strong wine-growing vocation, where the vine has thrived for millennia. 

The objective is to produce wines that can interpret, in a different key, the area where the company is rooted. The aim is to create wines intended for consumers of excellent products. 

The project pursues the objective of enhancing and rediscovering in a modern way the native varieties cultivated for millennia on these hills. The production philosophy is centered on the application of agronomic and oenological techniques that can transfer the unique characteristics of the volcanic soils into the company's wines while respecting the environment, fertility and protection of the soil.