La Vigneronne Fermière au Riesling *HALF POUND*


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Hard mountain cheese made with cow’s milk and ripened 2 months with Riesling Wine. This cheese is an original creation by our master cheesemaker. During our travels in the Hautes-Vosges Mountains, high above Orbey at an altitude of 800 m, we discovered a lovely, creamy and flavourful farmhouse tomme, made from raw milk from Montbéliarde cows. We had the idea of combining this mountains cheese with a product from the valley – specifically, Alsatian wine.

After numerous tests, we agreed that the combination with Riesling, a white wine, was the best. The Riesling provides La Vigneronne with a slightly acidic taste, and the characteristic Riesling aroma is often described as an odor of petrol. The result is a completely original creation, ripened for 2 months. It has a woody aroma and a fruity taste. Its slightly firm texture can be enjoyed either cold or as a raclette since it melts perfectly and does not release its oil. Its supple texture becomes creamy and even liquid and stringy when the cheese is heated. Last but not least, its beautiful name, “La Vigneronne,” pays homage to Anne Mauler, who is not only a cheese maker but a vineyard operator as well. She owns an impressive 11 hectares of vineyards in Beblenheim.”