Giuseppe Giusti - Flavored Balsamic Vinegar Truffle


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AGED TO PERFECTION - Developed starting from Giusti's 3 Gold Medals balsamic vinegar that is aged for 12 years, with the addition of black truffles and left to mature for at least six more months in oak barrels MODENA BALSAMIC VINEGAR - This flavored balsamic vinegar is created in Modena, Italy with 3 Gold Medals that features the must of cooked grapes and aged wine vinegar PERFECT PAIR - Our Giusti Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Giusti 3 Medals is infused with black truffles to bring a balance of the sweet acidity of the balsamic vinegar and the earthy notes and aromas of the truffles to any dish you make VERSATILE - Balsamici al tartufo pairs perfectly with foods such as fresh egg pasta, omelets, and enhances meats such as beef tartare, and other dishes such as risotto or eggplant parmigiana ITALIAN MADE - Giusti was founded in 1605 in Modena, Italy, and is the longest-running and most prestigious Aceto Balsamico di Modena producer in the world. Ingredients: Cooked Grape Must