Domaine des Genèves Chablis "Racines" 2019


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Alcohol: 13%

Grape(s): Chardonnay

Localization: Chablis, Burgundy, France

Tasting Notes: This heart of the range is a typical wine offering a characteristic floral and citrus nose and a mineral finish (flint).

Notes: Racines means roots. Chablis Racines is a selection of two Chablis plots over 55 years old. With age, the vine gives less yield and is planted more deeply, it offers exceptional concentration. Fatty, dense and deep wine with aromas of white-fleshed fruits which give a good fullness in the mouth. A complex, rich and generous Chablis which will surprise you in association with certain cheeses (goat), gougères or with the traditional "Ham with Chablis".

Food pairing: Very versatile and accessible, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif, but also accompanies andouillettes, sushi, and snails ...

 The Domain: Located in the north of Burgundy, in the Yonne department, on the slopes bordering the Serein river, our farm is located in Fleys in the heart of the Chablis vineyard (halfway between Beaune and Paris).

The typicity of the wines comes from the nature of the terroirs made up of fossilized marl and limestone (Kimmeridgian) and from its continental climate (cold in winter and hot in summer).

Chablis is a dry, mineral white wine with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) made from Chardonnay grapes.

It is here, in Fleys, on the slopes of his childhood, that Stéphane AUFRERE welcomes you to the Domaine des Genèves. On the land operated by his parents, Annie and Dominique, he leads with passion, cares, and respects for the cultivation of the vine: pruning in winter where the selection of each baguette conditions the correct production of the plot, then meticulous work. plant material and soil in spring, a reasoned fight that respects the terroir and already the harvest! The first balances that emerge during winemaking, each vintage has its own peculiarities that it will be appropriate in a few months to share with customers ...