Famille Dupont Pommeau de Normandie


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Famille Dupont, Normandy, FR

Awards: Bronze Medal of "Concours du Cru de Cambremer 2002"

Etienne Dupont's Pommeau: is a mix of at least two year old Calavados (1/3) and unfiltered apple juice (2/3). The Pommeau is then stocked in 400L oak casks [each of which are 4 to 5 years old] and aged for about 14 months.


Elaboration: Pommeau is a mix of at least one year old Calvados and apple must. The apple must is obtained just after pressing and before fermentation. Calvados and must are mixed with a specific pouring technique. Proportion of Calvados and must are calculated to obtain a product with a final alcohol by volume of 17%.


Aging: After that, the Pommeau is stocked in 400L oak casks (4 to 5 year old casks whose tannins are not worked out) so that it continues to age for about 30 months.