Dufour Gourmet - Pate Normand Pork & Apple


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A modern combination of sweet and savory coarsely ground pork pâté perfectly balanced with caramelized apples and onions sautéed in Port wine.

Rustic pork and apple pâté made with high-quality ingredients. Based on a classic French recipe, this pâté offers a coarse texture and the freshness of apples. It is a must item to have on your charcuterie board. We also highly recommend it as a snack placed in a crusty bread with pickles.

This terrine should be served at room temperature and is perfect for any special occasions. It will make an exquisite center piece at your dinner table, guaranteed to impress your guests! Enjoy this luxurious dish with a glass of crisp white wine for the ultimate indulgent experience.

Fully cooked, ready to serve

Keep Refrigerated - Avg Weight 8 oz (225 gr) or 1.4lb (635 gr) Party Size