Drekker Juiceler


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IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

Who’s the Juicler, you ask? Well it’s a juicy story. Back in the Juice Wars of 2020 the Juiceler captained the S.S. Juice - the juiciest juice-running ship ever to sail the Juice Seas. But it was no match for the Great Juice Storm, as it came to be known, which stirred up all of the creatures from the juicy depths and filled them with a juicy rage. So they surrounded the S.S. Juice and squeezed it with all their juice-soaked monster powers taking it down to the juicy depth from which they came. And that’s the story of how the Juiceler got juiced.

And we pay tribute with this extra juicy double IPA brewed with oats & wheat, then hopped to ends of the juicy ocean with our hand-selected Citra, Mosaic, and and little juicy kiss of Sabro.