Domaine Tempier Bandol ROSE 2020


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Alcohol : 13,5%

Grape(s) : Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvèdre

Localisation : Bandol, Southern France

Tasting Notes : Rosé Tempier offers the right balance between complexity and freshness. It offers a beautiful structure, without tannin. The quality of the work in the vines and the diversity of the terroirs * give it an authentic aromatic intensity, far from synthetic flavors.

In the vineyards : Around Jean-Philippe, seven permanent staff roam the vineyards of the estate, to work the soil mechanically and manually or to maintain the walls of the terraces. Both the vines and the harvest are pruned by hand, depending on the moon. Sheep play the role of weedkillers and bring life to the soil.

On the treatment side, “homemade” herbal teas are sprayed in a homeopathic dose to strengthen the vines, invigorate the soil and limit the development of parasites. Sulfur is used against powdery mildew and Bordeaux mixture against mildew.

Worms, springtails, ladybirds, insects of all kinds ... biodiversity is very present in the soils of the estate.  At Tempier, the rootstocks are carefully chosen to adapt to the terroirs. The grafts are carried out by hand, with mass selections to obtain more complex wines.

“Biodynamics makes it possible to enhance the energy of the soil and natural elements to promote the development of the vines. We take into account the lunar rhythms and above all, we observe! A good sense of farming which is essential. It is a true philosophy, a whole which is good, with the vines as with the men. " Jean-Philippe Fourney, head of culture


In the basement : The harvest remains a crucial period. The hand-harvested bunches of grapes are transported to the cellar where Jennifer's team, cellar manager, takes over. The grapes are again carefully sorted, destemmed and crushed.

After vinification, comes the time for aging. In the buried aging cellar, an atmosphere that is both serene and mysterious emerges. Young and old thunderbolts rise majestically. The alchemy of wine takes place… before bottling, entirely carried out at the estate.