Domaine du Cros Marcillac Lo Sang del Païs Rosé 2020


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Grape(s): Fer Servadou

Localization: Marcillac, France

Tasting Notes: On the nose is cracked pepper and watermelon, while the palate adds rose petals and a gentle touch of citrus and raspberry. The mouthfeel is luxurious, while the interplay of the acid and subtle tannin keep it snappy.

Food Pairing: Pairs well with salads and green vegetables

The Domain: The 2020 Domaine du Cros Rosé is made of 100% Fer Servadou, the native grape of Marcillac, a village in the mountain range known as the Massif Central, in the Southern part of Auvergne. It is there where Domaine du Cros, owned and operated by Philippe Teulier, farms the largest parcel of Fer Servadou in the region - a whopping 22 hectares. The vineyards lie along steep slopes in a remote valley that offers a beneficial micro-climate. The valley draws warm and dry air from the Mediterranean during the summer and fall and also shelters the vineyards from the harsh winters.