Domaine des Terrisses Rosé 2021

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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): 60% Syrah, 20% Braucol and 20% Duras

Localization: Gaillac, South West France

Tasting Notes: This rosé has a beautiful color and savory flavors typical of the local Gaillacois varieties and a structure and balance that allows the wine to improve for at least a year. This soft and supple rosé is a fun everyday sipper. A red-fruited and subtle nose leads into a palate bursting with wild strawberry and red currant.

Notes: It is produced by combining two methods of production; “saignée” and “pressurage”. The Syrah, grown on the low-lying and cooler part of the vineyard, is harvested early and the grapes are directly pressed “pressurage” before fermentation begins (as is the case with white wine). The Braucol and Duras grapes are crushed after harvest and allowed to macerate for about 12 hours before the free-run juice is drawn (“saignée”) from the tank. The varieties are fermented separately at low temperatures and then allowed to settle naturally for 4 months during which period several rackings are done. The wine is then blended and bottled.

The Domain: In Gaillac for 7 générations - it gets its name from the mudbricks (mud mixed with straw) called Terrisses used to build the foundations of its large central building.

Deep, expansive clay on mid-slope gives body and strength to the red wines. Dry and windswept hilltops with eroded clay limestone soils used for the sweet wine. Fresh, loam soils at the bottom of the slopes, used for dry white and rosé wines. Perfectly located, with a hot and dry Mediterranean climate in the summer and generous autumn with temperatures cooled by Oceanic influence.

Since 1984, we have used grass cover (first sown and now natural) to fight against erosion, control yields and maintain a varied landscape. A minimum of spraying to protect fauna and flora. Ploughing of alternate lances to develop soil activity.

Modern, well-equipped fermentation cellar with conveyor belts, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, tangential (cross-flow) filter.