Domaine Deliance Bourgogne Rouge 2020


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Alcohol: 12,5%

Grape(s): Pinot Noir

Localization: Côte Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France

Tasting notes: Smooth and fruity taste. Fresh and spirited wine, with notes of red fruit, making it delightful on any occasion.

The Domain: It was in the heart of traditional Burgundy that the third generation of the Deliance Estate came into being, and succeeded in nurturing the family link that still resonates in the soul of our ancestors…

"There are four of us today keeping these ancestral ties alive, ensuring that our 18 hectares of vines continue to thrive and keep their pledge to produce fine wines."

As the heirs of a family’s know-how, we have given pride of place to the dynastic quintessence that it is our duty to respect. This means that the wines from our vineyards are not only the virtuous outthrusts of terroir but an expression of freedom itself…

The history of the Deliance Estate is a work that has come to fruition over time, its fabric – home to so many secrets and so many hidden doors – built day after day. And it is by discovering our Crémants that these same secrets will be revealed. Nevertheless, some will remain forever hidden…