Domaine de l'Hemoniere Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2023


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Alcohol: 13%

Grape(s): 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Localization: Touraine, Loire Valley, France

Tasting notes: Golden yellow colored wine; the nose is clear, intense, and complex. Main aromas: citrus fruits (orange, tangerine), exotic fruits (passion fruit, ripe pineapple). Few floral notes (lily of the valley) and pinesap. Wonderfully rich, with good length and freshness.

Food pairing: Enjoy on its own, with seafood, chicken or goat cheese and spinach salad.

Description: It was harvested from September to October. On average, all the juices Title 13. ° D natural. A settling occurs 12 hours after pressing. 20% of the crop is processed maceration for 12 hours. Then it is put into vats for fermentation, which lasts about four weeks. Exceptionally more than one and a half months this year! All my wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts, there is no yeast. Meanwhile, there is continuous and strict supervision of the fermentation temperature, it ranges from 13 ° -14 ° at the beginning of fermentation to 16 ° -17 ° at the end. Thanks in part to the temperature control I get a soft Sauvignon, aromatic and long finish. Once the residual sugar is less than 1.5 g / hl, the wine is racked, and sulfite (5 g / hl). The breeding on fine lees will be one or two pumpings following the evolution. The wines are cold stabilized.