Domaine De Leyre Loup Fleurie 2020


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Alcohol: 13.5%

Grape(s): Gamay

Localization: Beaujolais, France

Tasting Notes: Aged in stainless steel only, it has preserved fruitiness and lively acidity, lifting the red fruits and giving the wine a ripe, perfumed aftertaste.

Food Pairing: Sea bass filet, red tuna cooked medium rare; Fish quenelles, roasted cod; Veal chop, grilled, roasted chicken; Chili beef with spicy sauce; White butter sauce (fishes); Green asparagus, candied oranges

​Cheese pairing: Brie de Meaux, Chabichou, Comté, Fourme de Montbrison, Mont d’Or, Olivet bleu, Vendôme Cendré

The Domain: The Domaine de Leyre-Loup was born from the meeting between the vines and two men: Jacques and Christophe Lanson. Since 1993, these wine enthusiasts have brought it their know-how and, through their attachment to the terroir and the art of winemaking, have forged a solid reputation for it. 

Today, the Domaine extends over ten hectares, where the granite soils give all their meaning to Gamay: hard, demanding and poor soils for wines of rare richness and quality. The vines, which include 7 hectares of Morgon and 3 hectares of Fleurie, are located in renowned climates: Corcelette, Bellevue and Côtes en Morgon, Poncié and Combes en Fleurie.

It is also at the heart of the Morgon appellation, in the Bellevue climate, where terroir, grape variety and the search for perfection combine for the best, that an exceptional white wine, the Granits de Bellevue, is produced.

Getting the best out of the vineyard to make a perfect wine requires hard work and perseverance; mastering winemaking to produce great wines for aging requires know-how and humility. But all the art lies in the symbiosis between the environment and nature, which you have to know how to tame and accompany.

This is how at each tasting, the Domaine de Leyre-Loup invites you to rediscover the invisible spirit of wine.

Domaine de Leyre-Loup is Terra Vitis certified for its sustainable farming methods and

High Environmental Value for its global approach to the environment.