Truffle Salt


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Black truffles (Tuber Aestivum) are used in a 5% concentration blended with Italian Sea Salt, harvested from the salt caves of the region of Emilia Romagna. Salt from this area offers a less salty flavor than most Italian sea salts, competing less with the flavor of the truffles. The truffles have been fast-dehydrated, thus preserving their flavor and aroma far better than drying them. As a result, this salt is naturally stronger than many other truffle salts on the market. It is also much less likely to clump, allowing it to be finely ground and packaged without the use of anti-caking agents.

Size: 3.5 ounces

One of the most noble culinary delectables on earth is the truffle. Growing under ground, in symbiosis with certain trees and plants, it is a curious part of the eco system and a highly appreciated flavor in many cuisines.

About 1000 types of truffles exist but only six are edible. Of those six the white truffle, Tuber Magnatum Pico, is by far the most exclusive and well known. It has a very distinctive aroma and a magical taste. The white truffle is only found during a few winter months and is usually referred to as the White (Winter) Truffle.

The other well known tuber family is Black truffles. There are two main groups of black truffles, the Aestivum which consists of varieties available from spring to late fall and the Melanosporum or Perigord which is found during the winter months, and in fact known as the Black Winter Truffle.

Truffles are found growing wild and as they grow underground, well trained dogs are used to find them by their smell. Once located, the truffle needs to be carefully removed from the ground in order not to get damaged and its shelf life when picked is very short. Only a few days for the white truffle and no more than a week or two for the black.

For preserved products Black Aestivum truffles are mainly used as it is the variety found more plentiful and at a lower cost than its two rarer winter relatives. From this black truffle an array of products designed for immediate use in the kitchen are being made, like truffle sauce, slices, paste, pesto and, of course,  truffle salt.