Crostini Tuscan Garlic Crackers


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Crostini’s delicious crackers infused with garlic come in a bag of 198g. All the way from the beautiful Tuscany, these Garlic Crackers are amazingly crunchy and crisp. Prepared using no preservatives or artificial colorings, these bites carry unforgettably natural flavors. As they are baked with high-quality extra virgin olive oil these Italian crackers have incomparable aromas and texture. 

Incorporate in your cheese platters to add some diversity to the selection of crackers, alongside some juicy grapes and sweet honey. You can also enjoy them by yourself and appreciate the authentic tastes of Italy that are available to experience thanks to Crostini. Why not try having some with dips like creamy hummus or alongside canned vegetables like olives and pickles. They are also amazing with steamy soups as you balance the silky and crunchy textures.

Product Weight: 7 oz (200 g)
Product of Italy