Compagnie Française des Poivres et Epices


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From the meeting of a lover of the table and a specialist in spices, traveling the planet 25 years, from plantation to plantation, in search of precious grains, was born a company whose vocation is to offer you the best in the world of peppers and spices. The Compagnie Française des Poivres et Epices, a historical nod to the French genius that, like pepper, has shaped the menus, history and cuisine whose know-how radiates throughout the world as a synonym of excellence and avant-garde. As part of an approach of excellence, our vocation is to offer you a better experience of your peppers and spices. Our peppers have a remarkable olfactory and taste quality, which is why we take great care in harvesting and sorting each grain manually. They are offered in boxes hermetic to air and light, thus preserving their quality and organoleptic properties. Once dried, our peppers are potted, undergoing no prolonged storage or mixing of other sources; thus we guarantee you the most recent harvest. Yes, our peppers are vintage!