Clemens Busch Mosel Riesling Marienburg Spatlese 2022


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Alcohol: 7.5%

Grape(s): Riesling

Localization: Mosel, Germany

Tasting Notes: In the mouth, a veritable spectacle of fruity notes and flavors unfolds that seem to perform an exciting dance. The refreshing acidity harmonizes wonderfully with the fine sweetness and a slightly salty nuance. This wine seems to float and yet be intense at the same time. It is just at the beginning of its development and promises, with a little patience, to release its full splendor and complexity. If you are patient, you will be rewarded with a true sensory experience.

Food Pairing: As an accompaniment to a light salad of daikon radish and radishes, seasoned with lemon verbena. This wine also offers a wonderful contrast to smoked salmon on a bed of lukewarm rhubarb and beetroot. For dessert lovers: an airy curd cheese soufflé served with strawberries preserved in elderberry syrup.

The Domain: The winery is located in the town of Punderich, a small picturesque village at the beginning of the Terassenmosel. In 1984 the owners decided to convert to organic viniculture. In practice, that means time-intensive and often difficult work by hand on the steep slopes, along with the avoidance - without compromise - of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Nature returns the favor with healthy soil and vital, deep-rooted vines. 

Our ultimate goal is to produce wines of the highest quality and individuality. We aim to achieve this through respectful interaction with the environment. Conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity is, for us, the essential function. To protect the vine we use various teas and herbal mixtures. Nettles strengthen the immune system and carry basic elements. Silicon-rich horsetail grass contains roll-off effects. Chamomile soothes stress. As protection against fungus, we use copper and sulfur which are supported by herbal mixtures that function as herbicides.

We care for our vines primarily by hand, with dedication and expertise, under the optimal exploitation of wind, rain, and sun.