Champagne Henri Giraud Aÿ Grand Cru Brut Fût de Chêne MV17


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay

Localization: Aÿ, Champagne, France

Tasting Notes: Splendid nose with an interplay of smoke, hazelnut, and gentle spices, along with a touch that is reminiscent of the salty tang of a sea breeze, but what is especially captivating is the elegant floral scent. After resting a while in the glass, the wine develops nuanced notes of menthol. The mouthfeel is remarkably fleshy but also has an underlying chalky texture that seems almost tannic on the superb, emotionally satisfying finish. The oak influence is subtle and surprisingly elegant. Excellent potential for improving with age.

The Domain: The origins of Champagne Henri Giraud go back to 1625.

Contemporary of Henri IV and his descendants, the Hémart family settled permanently in Aÿ at the beginning of the 17th century. Its history is rooted in Aÿ, the terroir of exception, and intimately mixed with the extraordinary epic of champagne from the 18th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Léon Giraud, cuirassier of the Marne Battle, married a young lady Hémart. He rebuilt the magnificent vineyard of the family that had just been devastated by phylloxera and First World War.

Claude Giraud, 12th generation of the Giraud-Hémart family, today presides over the destiny of this Champagne House.

Claude Giraud has returned since 1990 to history and rebuilt the first oak barrels from the Argonne Forest.

The famous oaks of this historic forest have for more than ten centuries raised the great wines of Champagne. “Argonne” is today the name of the house’s iconic Cuvee. Each year, Sebastien Le Golvet, the Cellar Master of the house, mobilizes his merrandiers and coopers. Together, they select the most beautiful oaks of the Argonne forest, Sebastien then leads himself to the toasting. This delicate work will be the last precious touch of the grande cuvées.

With its unique expertise in the vinification of great Champagne cuvées in new oak barrels, the Henri Giraud House is now working on new winemaking in small containers, either of terracotta or ovoid sandstone to optimize the exchange between the wine and its lees.

The saltiness, intensity, and aromatic complexity of Champagne Henri Giraud make it one of the jewels of Excellence in this region.

With only 250,000 bottles of which only a few thousand bottles for its grande cuvées, these champagnes are sought-after by collectors and lovers of great wines from around the world.

“The Henri Giraud Experience” is the commitment to return to the excellence of the great wines of Champagne.

– A great terroir, Aÿ Grand Cru, the historical and qualitative cradle of Champagne.

– A great grape variety, Pinot Noir, reference grape of Champagne.

– A great forest, Argonne, the home-made cradle of Champagne.

“Let nothing be banned and nothing be obligatory – just make good wine naturally” – Henri Giraud

The whole vineyard is worked in sustainable viticulture and under certification of high environmental value (HVE).