Capitoline DRY Vermouth


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Alcohol: 17.5%

Grape (Base wine): Santa Barbara Chardonnay

Localization: Washington DC 

Tasting notes: Gentian, artichoke, citrus, rhubarb root, quinine, ginger

Cocktail Recipe: - Old Pal:  1oz Capitoline Dry Vermouth, 1oz Capitoline Tiber, 1oz rye, Stir, strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with lemon peel.

The story: Taking inspiration from the classic vermouths of Europe, Capitoline dry is a distinctively American expression based on carefully sourced wines, fresh herbs, and hand-peeled citrus. Balanced with selected botanicals. Fortified with grape spirit infused with 15 botanicals and spices.

With Capitoline, Hamidi and Pastan are producing a white and rosé vermouth out of New Columbia's Ivy City distillery. The rosé is a Sangiovese wine from a California vineyard co-owned by Pastan. The other is a blend of aromatic dry white varietals. Both vermouths have a similar citrusy herbal character and don't shy away from a little bitterness. We think bitter is kind of an undervalued element in a flavor profile, Hamidi says. She adds that it's very wine-centric: They didn't want to cover up the vermouth with a heavy-handed dose of botanicals and sugar since it is a wine-based product, after all.