Browne Trading Co - Smoked Sea Trout Roe


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New! We’ve fired up our boutique smoker to craft this Smoked Sea Trout Roe. This is the same Sea Trout Roe that Browne Trading customers have enjoyed for years, now cold smoked over ice for 15 minutes. The applewood chips impart a cured, lightly sweet flavor that is not too salty, and the pearls retain their extra-firm texture, which provides a juicy, satisfying “pop” when eaten. The pearls are a lively, translucent orange, through which a distinct eye, or yolk, can be seen. They lend exquisite color to any dish. We recommend enjoying Smoked Sea Trout Roe in chirashi with Maine uni and furikake.

Smoked Sea Trout Roe Quick Facts

  • Species: Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow Trout)
  • Color: translucent Orange
  • Taste: milder than salmon roe, light sweetness
  • Size of pearls: large
  • Texture: firm
  • Country of origin: Denmark