Arnaud Soubeyran "Assorted Marshmallow Box"


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Arnaud Soubeyran French marshmallows will bring you incomparable satisfaction with a subtle flavor of lemons, raspberry, anise, violets, and orange blossoms. After dinner, relish these soft candies as an authentic French dessert or gift them to anyone with a sweet tooth. Munch on them and enjoy!

The traditional marshmallow Atelier Des Douceurs is produced without artificial colorings or flavorings, giving this unique taste. Our marshmallow has nothing to do with the common marshmallow! Its soft and creamy texture is not elastic but light and voluptuous thanks to the egg whites beaten stiff.

Our confectionery is still slowly and gently cooked in copper pans and bain-maries to retain all the flavour of the carefully-selected ingredients following age-old recipes.

Tradition, Creation and Innovation have dominated our way of thinking since the business began.

Size: 110 grams